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Asset India

Asset India is a real estate consultancy based in London. They help Non Resident Indians buy and sell property in India and pride themselves in their knowledge of the Indian real estate market. When they came to us seeking an idea that could drive their growth, we recommended reinventing themselves from being facilitators to instigators. From passive to active.


An instigator of the view that property is a rolling stock. Property investment is an active game. Selling is to be as actively considered as buying. The aim should be not to hoard or collect but to roll. The rallying cry?


Buy. Sell. Repeat...


Every aspect of their identity - from business cards to website to sales collateral material, was developed around this core idea.


Results: Since then, Asset India have become the number one brokers on Indian property in the UK market.

Asset India Brand Identity
Asset India website

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Asset India Identity
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