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Lebara Mobile 'Child's Play'

This campaign activated a new sales channel for Lebara Mobile, targeting the global traveller segment. This segment has a need similar to Lebara’s core target audience of expats and migrants - to make international calls without having to pay an arm and a leg while travelling in a different country.


We focused on the simplicity of switching to a Lebara SIM upon arriving in the UK. The campaign ran on in-flight entertainment systems of British Airways, Emirates and Virgin. It was complimented by print ads and a coupon in the in-flight magazines that directed travellers to the WH Smith stores in the arrivals area.


Directed by Ian Pons Jewell with set design by the award winning Anna Lomax, this was a fun ad to create. There were 42 children on the set and there was never a dull moment. 


The production paid for itself within a few weeks, and the campaign ran without a break for more than 2 years, generating millions in sales.

Lebara mobile 'Childs Play'

Lebara mobile 'Childs Play'

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