Lebara Mobile

'More than a migrant'

In the June of 2016, as the Brexit referendum campaign reached fever pitch, there was one group of people whose life was potentially going to be majorly impacted, but they were no more than pawns in the whole process – the 2 million EU citizens living and working in the UK. 


They had no vote, and no voice in the process. In the political debates at the time, they were merely classed as ‘migrants’. But for Lebara mobile, these were not just migrants, these were its core customers. Moreover, they were living breathing human beings.

We believed Lebara should stand up for this group of people. Conceptualised by Cultr London and executed in association with TBWA London, the ‘More than a Migrant’ campaign gave EU citizens in the UK a platform to voice their views and opinions.

The campaign created quite a flutter on social media, with engagement going through the roof. And as a nice little positive payoff for the brand, it helped add layer of endearment for the brand in a category where consumers rarely look beyond the rate per minute.