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State Bank of India UK ‘March of Time’

After operating as a branch of SBI India for 97 years, SBI UK was transitioning to a UK Limited Company in April of 2018. It was a momentous occasion that demanded a special narrative. 

The ad was directed and edited by our friends Nick and Gary from Studio Hansa. From the number of positive comments we have received, many of them very sentimental, it is obvious that the campaign has clearly touched a nerve. Customers have dropped into SBI branches just to tell them how much they loved the advert. The objective of re-engaging the diaspora on an emotional level on this historic occasion has been well achieved.

We responded by tapping into the history and journey of the Indian diaspora in the UK, celebrating the spirit, perseverance and achievements of the community. Nothing could be more apt, as SBI has been an inextricable part of this journey for many, many decades. 

SBI March of Time

SBI March of Time

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